Post 1: Your current relationship

I’ve had somewhat of “bloggers block” lately. Trying to decide what to blog about can actually be a bit difficult. I’ve decided to do this 30 day challenge in hopes it inspires some new posts y’all will like reading about! If you want to join, here is the list! But for day one, let’s talk about my “current relationship.”
I’ve talked about mine and M’s relationship plenty of times on here before. He is my everything. I have never had a relationship be so…effortless, if you will. Trust me, our relationship takes effort. But I feel like even on our worst days, it is easier than any other relationship i’ve had in the past. You see, M and I are a lot alike, but oddly different. I am stubborn and hard-headed. He is easy going and gentle. He doesn’t let us fight about stupid things and I need that. If we’re having a stupid conversation/argument, he just let’s it go. At first this was the HARDEST thing for me to deal with. I wanted to fight, dang it. I wanted to be mad. But he would just ask “whats the point?” And he was right. There is no point in arguing about things that won’t matter in 30 minutes. I needed someone like that in my life more than I even knew. 
M is truly my best friend. Our relationship is something I could have only dreamed about and even more. Girls always dream up their “perfect man”, but little did I know that man ACTUALLY existed for me. We have so many of the same dreams, morals, aspirations, and interests. 
The best thing I love about M? He truly makes me a better person. He makes me happier. He makes me strive to be the best me I can possibly be. How lucky am I?!
I’ll never forget the first night we met, and I just kept telling him about baby girl. I knew for a fact I would never hear from him again after that. But you know what? He LOVES that little girl. He is the best daddy ever and knows how to perfectly love a little girl. Watching those two together reminds me how much I truly believe God had M and I picked out for each other. Our family is perfection. 
This title is your “current” relationship. Isn’t it fun that this is my FOREVER relationship?! I get to MARRY this man! This handsome, gentle, loving, fun man! He is OURS! 
Our relationship isn’t “perfect”, but it is perfect to me. Literally it is perfection in my eyes.
(I will be killed for this picture, but I love it.)

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