Eat Smart Soup!

I was sent this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 

You know those quick and ‘easy-to-make’ meals? Let’s be honest, some days those are my favorite. The soups from Smart Soup have helped me accomplish that on more than one occasion lately. Although we are not gluten free eaters, these soups are gluten free and I know that appeals to a lot of lifestyles these days. They have seven awesome flavors and I can’t wait to try all seven. So far we have tried, Santa Fe Corn Chowder and French Lentil. These soups can be cooked one of two ways, on the stove or in the microwave. I have tried each way and I think microwaving works the best. The boxes contain two frozen pouches and I love that for portion control. If you only want to serve one person, you don’t have to make a whole thing of soup and store the rest, you just pull out one bag. How awesome is that?! 
With the Corn Chowder I just mixed up some corn bread and served it with that. Ironic, eh? (Did I mention this company is based out of Canada?) 
With the French Lentil soup I paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich and it was delicious. I don’t know why I was expecting these to taste like “healthy” soups because they were gluten free, but I really enjoyed them. Each of the soups i’ve tried has had a lot of flavor and like I said before, I can’t wait to try the rest! I am most excited about Greek Minestrone and Moroccan Chick Pea! 
Have any of you tried Smart Soups before? 

This was the French Lentil soup with Grilled Cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the box. Oops. 


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