Home Tour (Before Remodel)

As stated in my first post about the home we purchased, we bought a fixer upper. This is something M and I wanted to venture into. We wanted a home with character and over the years we wanted to renovate it into a masterpiece. A lot of houses these days are “cookie cutter” homes, where each one in the neighborhood/development look the same. I knew I wanted nothing like that. M and I knew we would be taking on a big task with this home and we were right, there is a lot to do. We are so excited though and I can’t wait to share this adventure of ours on this blog for those of you who want to read along!

I figured I would start with a home tour. Pictures of the home from when we bought it. Some of y’all might think i’m joking with these pictures, but I assure you I’m not. Haha. These pictures truly came from the day after we closed and we hadn’t touched anything yet. If you have questions about any of the rooms, the layout, or general questions, please feel free to ask away! We have big plans for this house and like I said before we are very VERY excited!

The two pictures y’all have seen before, but this is the front view and the side of the house. 

The house from the backyard 
Our lovely blue-ceilinged living room. Classy, huh? We debated on keeping it like that. 😉

The fireplace I am very excited about! 
Our formal sitting room/play room/random room/I don’t know what it should be.
I especially love the front door in the middle, the sheep rug that was so kindly left for us, and the window we got to demo out of there. (Post to follow)

We have a bedroom to the right of this room, and the dining room off to the left of it.

We also have two kitchens. Yes, two. 
But not to worry, they won’t be staying the way they are right now. 
 (This is my favorite window in the house)

Laundry room that will quickly be something else 

Downstairs bathroom, stairs, and upstairs bathroom. 
Also along the wall is storage type closet things that we will use for the bedrooms upstairs. 

A glimpse of our master bedroom(which I realized I didn’t get any great pictures of), what will soon be my glorious closet, and the bathroom that goes with this bedroom. 

We also have a cute sunroom that I will soon fill with lots of crafty things/seasonal decorations/anything else my little heart desires. Hey, he has his own garage, so it’s fair…right?

And our backyard that seems to go on for forever. 
Just wait until we’re done with it, people! Just you wait! 😉

Anyone notice that nearly every floor in the house is a different type of floor?! As you can see, we have a lot of house to work with. There are still pictures of closets and random parts of the house I didn’t show that I figured might be better once we do our “Before & After” shots. We have a lot of projects in mind for this house and we have already started on a few projects! Once we finish each one you know they will be posted on the blog so KEEP POSTED! The worst thing about getting a fixer upper? You never realize how much paint you need AND how much paint costs! Hahaha. It has already been an adventure and I can’t wait!

Have you ever renovated a house before?
What if your favorite DIY project?

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