You are not ENTITLED to anything

You know what really irritates me? When waiters/waitresses constantly bash people who don’t tip 18% or above. I have seen so many things going viral lately about “poor tippers” and peoples reaction to them. Well here’s MY reaction. 

When I go out to eat, I go out for a different experience outside of my kitchen. I go so I don’t have to cook. I go so I don’t have to clean up. And with that being said, I go to get waited on. I have a certain expectation when going into restaurants and I tip accordingly to the service I get. With that being said, your job as a waiter/waitress is to fulfill that for me, am I wrong? You have a job to do. If I am being ignored or talked to rudely, why would I WANT to tip someone like that? (Just for the record, I always tip just some tips are better than others.) 

It irritates me to no end when waiters/waitresses say they are ENTITLED to an 18% tip. Says WHO?! No single human is entitled to anything in this world. It drives me crazy that waiters/waitresses try to argue that they only get paid $3/hr and live off tips. I understand that, I do. I was a waitress at one point in my life. But nonetheless, you do not deserve a good tip just because you get paid a lower amount. Get a new job if you hate “living off tips”. You are CHOOSING to have this job at that point in your life. 

Do you deserve a good tip if you provide good service? Absolutely. But you by no means are ENTITLED to a tip just because you get paid $3/hr. It infuriates me seeing things going viral about bad tippers. Did you ever stop to think maybe they had terrible service? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the waiter/waitress was a complete jerk to the people at the table? 

I understand sometimes that isn’t the case. But over the past few days, it has so heavily annoyed me when everyone keeps saying that waiters or waitresses automatically deserve an amazing tip. 
Am I the only one who feels this way? 

We live in such a skewed society. We are constantly told we deserve more than we work for. I truly feel if you work hard for something, you deserve it. But you don’t deserve it “just because”.

Okay, rant over. Let the hate comments flow. 

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  • I totally agree. I've never been a waitress, so I can't attest to the feeling. But they picked that profession, they knew they would be getting that hourly pay. I can remember ONE time in our married life that we didn't leave a single tip, that was when my husband had to get up way too many times during our meal, to ask the bartender(not our waitress) to fill our waters, or ask for a manager, he even walked towards the back to find our waitress on the phone, after we had been waiting to get our card back for TWENTY minutes. No exaggeration. You give me good service, i'll tip you MORE than 18%…and if you automatically add that 18% with a big group, I won't add tip…but chances are, the waiter would have gotten more than 18%. So in a nutshell, you're 100% right, no hate comments here!

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