Clomid, You Dirty Little Skank…

Well, month one of clomid has came and went. It was one of the worst months i’ve had yet. 
The whole time i’m telling myself “this is all worth it and in the end I will be so extremely grateful”….i’m really questioning myself at this point, only because half of the month I wanted to murder someone/something/have 500 “adult beverages”.

First month on clomid in a nutshell: 
-I have literally cramped every. single. day since I started my first pill. Is that normal? Probably not, but neither is 95% of my reproductive system, so there’s that. And I don’t just mean like “oh wahhh, I have a little cramp” it’s the “*insert curse words*, grunt, cry, is this gonna kill me?!” type of cramps. Did I mention it’s every single day?

-I have had the worst headaches of my entire life. Again, headaches so bad i’m convinced they are going to kill me. The headaches where I have to stop mid sentence from speaking because I’m literally about to cry and can’t concentrate on another single thing because my head feels like it’s going to explode. 

-The bloating is real. I thought I bloated bad before. I thought I retained water bad before. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Kaylin, you’re so silly. Because on Clomid, you literally look like a beached whale no matter how many times your husband tells you you don’t. (Refer to my Facebook status yesterday of changing my outfit three different times. The struggle is real.)

-The emotions. Again, I thought I was emotional before? This month brought a whole new LEVEL of emotions. Im 1390921% convinced now I truly need a therapist. Anyone want to recommend one?! 

And the worst part about all of this? I get to do it all again next month! WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?! (I can tell you my husband is NOT raising his hand right now!) 

Clomid, you are a dirty little skank. Do your job and get the H out of my life. 
Who else has been on Clomid? Did you have side effects? Any of these maybe?? I’d love some insight/advice/encouragement/funny stories….anything at this point, really. 
I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this. I’m just venting at this point, as are all my blog posts. If you made it this far, you deserve a gold medal. I love you. 

3 thoughts on “Clomid, You Dirty Little Skank…”

  • My sister (who has two cloud babies! Woot! It DOES work!) had the headaches, cramps, and crazy, but her best side effect was that she baked. Breads, muffins, cookies, ANYTHING. In psychotic amounts. It's all she wants to do while taking clomid. All her friends know when they're trying to get pregnant because she starts bringing batches of baked things over. All things considered, it's pretty hilarious. My husband and I did IVF for our 3 babes. Those meds, man. They don't mess around. My fondest memory was having a complete breakdown in Walmart because I felt like I was surrounded by fat, slow people and I snapped. "Everyone is FAT. SLOW. AND IN MY WAY." And my husband blocked for me like a bouncer and we left without buying anything, but we also didn't die, so I'd call that a win. You got this mama!! Hang in there. -random girl who found you on IG, but figured you could use some love.

  • Ugh, I feel for you, girl. I haven't taken it yet so I can't really relate in that aspect, but it sounds like I will have to soon and so I've been doing a ton of research and watching way too many Youtube videos of girls on it, and it doesn't sound like any type of fun at all… Hoping you will get your positive next month and will be able to stop taking it!!

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