How To Shop For That Picky Person

{Hey there! Today I have another guest post for y’all and I think it’s perfect timing for the Christmas season! This sweet girl wrote an awesome post and you can find her blog HERE! Thank you so much, Rachel!}

So it’s officially time to get ready for Christmas.  Every store, every parking lot, and nearly every street you drive down has decorations.  Christmas movies play back to back all hours of every day… really, I’m actually watching a Christmas movie right now as I’m typing.  Anyway, it’s no secret that people get stressed out during this time of year.  I don’t know what stresses other people out about Christmas, but for me, it’s finding Christmas gifts for people.  Now, I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or how big or small your family is.  We all have that one person that is super picky and a pain in the butt to buy for!  Am I right?!?!

In my life, this impossible to buy for, super picky person is my mother! You see, my mom is not like other moms.  My mom doesn’t wear perfume because she says it stinks.  She doesn’t use candles because they smell and leave dark marks on the walls/celling where they are lit most often.  She wears the same exact makeup products every day in life and any time I buy her a different makeup product as a gift, she won’t use it.  She doesn’t like lotion because she says it’s slimy.  She doesn’t wear jewelry unless she is going to a fancy dinner or some other affair (I can count the times on one hand per year that I see her wear a necklace).  When it comes to clothes, we have complete opposite taste!  I like everything girly and she likes things she can throw in the washer and drier.

Now, many of you may be thinking my mom is a total snob or a complete weirdo!  I assure you she is not and we have a great relationship.  My mom is amazing!  She has helped me in so many different ways and in so many different aspects in life.  From helping me write a paper, dealing with my boyfriend problems, and deep life conversations, my mom is a saint!  So naturally, she deserves a few Christmas gifts that she will not only like, but things she will actually use.

So what to get mom (A.K.A. the picky person!) for Christmas.  Hmmmmm…….first I start out by asking myself, “What does she like?” or “What does the picky person like?”  My mom and I both LOVE the ocean and the beach.  So anything beachy is definitely a yes!  Her favorite color is green, so I usually hit up Nordstrom Rack and look for things that are green (it also helps that I get her style and know what she likes).  She also likes to garden, so anything gardening related is good.  Hmmmm……what else?!  So far that’s all I’ve got.  Beach/ocean, green, and gardening.  Very specific and very narrow when searching for gifts.

Let’s see what I’ve come up with so far!

First thing…….

It’s a soft beachy throw blanket!  I am pretty sure she will have no complaints about this gift!  It’s soft, it’s beach themed, and who doesn’t need another blanket?!

Second thing……..

For only $2, an ocean-beachy mug!  Who doesn’t love a $2 item?!  (Look mom, I’m Christmas shopping and saving money!)

Third thing………

A Christmas decor item!  Now, I know my mom will love this one 100%!  It has starfish on the tree!  When I purchased this, I actually had 2 different people stop me in the store and ask me if the store had another one of these Christmas trees!  I guess this was a desirable decor item.  

Fourth thing……..
Another mug!  This one was $4, but my mom loves her black cat, so every Christmas I try to find her something with a black cat!  I have succeeded and can scratch this one off my list.

And the fifth thing(s)………
2 pullover/sweaters in mom’s favorite color along with a cute tank.  Here in Southern California, this is what winter wear looks like.  Just add leggings and some Ugg boots or flip flops and you’re good to go!

So there ya have it, when you have a picky person to buy for you may be limited, but when you spend time in discount stores, or in the home goods section, you can come away with a few things you know the person will like and use!  Add a sweater, scarf, or graphic tee in the person’s favorite color or style and you can rest at night knowing you have the picky person out of the way!  So remember, when shopping for a picky person ask yourself these questions:

  • What does super picky person actually like?  
    • The super picky person will most likely have very limited or totally off the wall hard to find things.  Tip: Search the internet for gifts related to things they like.
  • What is the super picky person’s favorite color or colors?
    • If all else fails, get something in their favorite color!
  • Does the super picky person have a pet?
    • If so, look for something relating to their furry friend.  Does this person have a particular breed of dog?  Look for a sign, mug, or even a magnet with that particular breed of dog on it.  Look for a tee shirt or a tote bag or something!
  • What is the picky person’s lifestyle?
    • Is this someone who is outdoorsy?  Get them something related to whatever their outdoorsy sport is – hiking, surfing, fishing, running….whatever!  Is this person a business man who wears a suit & tie?  Get him a new tie!  Anything related to their job or profession can be turned into a gift

Now Christmas shopping for Dad…..THAT is another story!

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