Father’s Day Gift Guide

Buying gifts that are meaningful, useful, and actually wanted by men on Father’s Day is sometimes rather difficult. I know what my man likes, but what does he ACTUALLY want for gifts?! I can’t just serve him up plates of spaghetti and call it good. (OR CAAAAN I?! Genius.) Men are creatures of habit. And sometimes for women, that is boring. I want to get something new and exciting each time I need to buy a gift! Not the same ole, same ole…anyone else feel me on that?! Someone please tell me I am not alone!

fathers day gift guide

Well here we are for a Father’s Day Gift Guide post. So are you ready for some great gift ideas for the father in your life?! (*affiliate links may be used*)

1) A gift certificate to a barber.
I do not mean a haircut. I do not mean your local Wal Mart haircut. (No offense) I mean an ACTUAL barber. I’m talking the  straight-razor and all, y;all! Your husband will thank you. And he will never go to SuperCuts again.

2) A Hydro Flask.
My husband is constantly talking about how he needs to drink more water. Something like a Hydro Flask would be great for someone trying to get that sweet H2O into their cute little bodies.

3) Coffee Mugs.
This has always been one of our daughters favorite things to give to her dad as a gift. I honestly think every holiday she has gotten him some kind of coffee mug. Hey, I can’t fault her for her thinking. Proud of you, girlfriend. Dad likes it, too!

4) Whiskey Gift Set.
I love gift sets. I think they are so much fun. If your man is a lover of fine whiskey like mine is, a set of nice whiskey glasses along with his favorite bottle is the perfect gift!

5) A day at the driving range.
Does your hubby golf? Treat him for a day at the driving range with the two of you. If you’ve never golfed, the driving range is a lot of fun! And hey, he might appreciate you trying to get into the ridiculously boring sport of golf.

6) Silicone Wedding Ring.
If you guys haven’t jumped on this trend yet, you NEED to. My husband LOVES his silicone rings. I say ringS, because he has multiple. Best part? They are C H E A P. So if they fall off in the chicken coop and you can’t find them, no worries! I was sad at first he didn’t want to wear his original wedding ring, but this is honestly so much better for him. Get your man one. He will love you long time.

I hope these give you some ideas on awesome Father’s Day gifts for your special guy. We always love Father’s Day and love spoiling the one guy who spoils us every day of the year. P.S. Father’s Day is June 17th. You’re welcome. Now get to shoppin’!

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