One Day In Glacier National Park

We recently drove to Columbia Falls, Montana to film a wedding with our cinematography business, MK Cinematography. We drove almost 19 hours from Arizona up to Montana and loved every second of it! Okay, that’s easy for me to say when my husband drove 90% of the time. I DID drive for a few hours though. And I have one thing to say….WHY IS TRAFFIC SO BAD IN SALT LAKE CITY?!?!
Y’all are HORRIBLE!!!!!

We drove up to Helena to stay with my best friend on Friday, filmed the stunning wedding on Saturday, and went to Glacier National Park on Sunday! We sadly only got one day in this park, but it was enough to make me fall in love and make sure that we visit again in the very near future!

Guys. Glacier is GORGEOUS and we didn’t even scrape the surface. We did the “Going To The Sun”? road? Or something like that?! It was so worth it. So so SOOO worth it. I wanted to cry more than anything. I was just so overwhelmed by the beauty that was surrounding me. And WE SAW A FREAKING BEAR!!!!! I almost peed from excitement. My poor husband. He probably thought I was crazy! I wish there was more I could tell you, but the pictures can explain all that I can’t!

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