First Trimester Must Haves

I wish I could say this pregnancy has been a walk in the park so far, but, it hasn’t. Week 9 and 10 have been the worst so far and darn it I am SICK. Part of the fun, right?! I know there are a billion lists out there of “what to have in your first trimester”, but they are literally ALL the same. Peppermint tea, prenatal vitamins, and ginger ale. We get it! But what about real life stuff you need?! I’m here to give you a REAL LIFE list of everything you will ACTUALLY need.


1. Dry Cereal!
One week I could literally eat nothing. Nothing sounded good. Nothing was satisfying me. It was all horrible. Then, I decided to try dry Frosted Flakes and dry Honey Nut Cheerios. This literally saved my life! And I probably ate way too much of it in two days. If you’re feeling like you have absolutely not appetite, try come dry cereal!

2. Instant Pot.
I am actually embarrassed at the amount of frozen pizzas and frozen dinners we have consumed in the last two months. Don’t judge me, okay! I have always loved my Instant Pot, but being pregnant? I REALLY REALLY love my Instant Pot. This is actually the one I have, and it’s awesome!

3. Pregnancy App.
There is nothing more fun than tracking your pregnancy week by week! I use Ovia Pregnancy and Pregnancy+. I like features on each of them, so I use both!

4. A comfy pillow.
If you don’t already have a pillow that you just LOVE, get one! I wasn’t getting a lot of great sleep, switched up my pillow situation, and it was a game changer! Get a good pillow, guys. You need all the good rest you can!

5. Pre-made snacks.
I don’t usually buy pre-cut fruit or vegetables, but for a few weeks I found them SO easy and necessary! I found myself wanting something to eat, but by the time I made it, I didn’t feel like eating it any more. Having easy fruit and veggies to munch on quick was an awesome trick for me!

I know this list isn’t 20 items long, but these are the top five things that have saved me! Other things that go without saying: a good water bottle, a good pre-natal, crackers, ginger ale or sprite, and anything else to help comfort you in this time of feeling potentially downright nasty.

I hope you have a great first trimester and congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

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