Service Trip With Village Book Builders

Woah! Where do I start?

We just got back from an 11 day trip with Village Book Builders and my cup runneth over. This trip was one of those trips that just fills you to the deepest parts of your soul and you can’t help but be grateful for all you got to experience! It was challenging at times, but I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world.

Village Book Builders in a non-profit organization that heads to villages and provides libraries to kids. On this specific trip we went on, we brought TWO libraries to two different villages, Chican and Kinil. Libraries that were packed with books, computers, and a safe place to LEARN and GAIN KNOWLEDGE! I mean really, what is better? I wish I could explain the overwhelming JOY it brought to my heart to see these kids EXCITED about books and reading. You guys…it was unexplainable…

Some of these kids have only ever seen and read text books for school. No children’s book, no story books, no chapter books…

It was a truly humbling experience to be able to love on these kids and bring them something that will stay with them far beyond the week that we were there. We were leaving them with tools to grow as a person, books to grow as KIDS, and inspiration to use their imagination.

Village Book Builders is big on bringing knowledge and education to children but also having fun in the area you’re going to! We were in Yucatan, Mexico and visited Chichen Itza, Tulum, rode a boat to the reef and snorkeled, and immersed ourselves in the culture in such fun ways. We were there on New Years Eve and it was AMAZING to experience a new culture and see how they do things on holidays. We had multiple invites to different events around the village and spent a large chunk of our night at a house that invited us into their home. They cooked for us, laughed with us, danced with us, and showed so much love to us. I will always remember that night and I will forever be grateful for that hospitality.

Some of my favorite and most memorable things on this trip were the following:
-Not knowing any Spanish and still falling in love and creating relationships with these children
-Teaching photography classes to the kids and showing them how this is our JOB. Taking pictures of each of them will hold a special place in my heart.
-Trying new foods! (Best tamales of my life)
-Creating friendships with people I never thought possible
-Trying new ‘Agua Fresca’ each day
-The “burning man” on New Years Eve
-“Dennis the Menace” (There was this ADORBALE kid who was just a TERROR. We all loved him fiercely and he almost locked us ALL in a room)

Guys, this trip brought me SO out of my comfort zone. I hated going into this with people I didn’t know. It terrified me. I am really bad at “making friends” but I came out meeting some of the best people in my entire life. We didn’t have access to a shower any time we wanted, we didn’t have a flushing toilet, no on-demand air conditioning….and somehow, this turned into my favorite trip we’ve ever taken.

If you ever have a desire to serve, please look into a trip with VBB. You won’t find better people. In 2019 they are doing trips to Nepal, Peru, and Africa! You will thank me later, promise.

Have you ever done a service trip before?! What was your experience? I would love to hear about it!

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