They Tell You Not To Blog About This

If you’ve ever looked into blogging, almost everyone will tell you the same thing….don’t blog about personal stuff. People don’t want to read about your personal life. You need to be TEACHING them something! Well…if you want to learn a new kitchen hack or five new lunch ideas, this post isn’t for you….if you want to hear a life update on yours truly….continue reading!

Woahza! Life has been a CRAZY whirlwind for us over the last few months. If you didn’t know, I left a job that I was at for 4 1/2 years and started a new job at our local middle school! It has been an amazing change of pace and quiet honestly it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes in life there comes a point when you just need to step back, re-evaluate things, and do what’s best for YOU. I am a people pleaser through and through, so this was REALLY hard for me. Huge shout out to my husband who talked me through far too many emotional meltdowns. But I am so beyond happy right now. And I am loving the new job I am doing!

With the change in jobs, I am hoping this gives me more time and freedom to pursue writing and my whole blog in general. I really do love connecting with you guys and just like this post, I like writing and sharing about our lives. It is fun and therapeutic for me. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I feel like my writing or things I want to talk about aren’t important enough to be shared. I see everyone sharing expensive fashion and trendy things to buy and honestly that just isn’t me. So I sit here and just don’t post….but I’m trying to change that! If there’s anything specific you want to see on my blog or you have questions, shoot me an email!

If you solely read my blog and don’t follow me on any other social media, you might be wondering what we’ve been up to….(okay, you probably haven’t thought twice about what we’re up to, but for the sake of this post, I am going to tell you!)

I recently have taken up photography. Yes, like….real pictures! We have been in the videography business for quite a few years now and I decided to take a stab at pictures and yup, I’m in love! So if you’re in Arizona and are looking for someone to do a fun shoot with, hit me up!! Here is some of my work:

Over the summer we also rescued a dog, got two kittens, still have chickens, and are just living a fun and crazy life with our totally awesome pets. Never in a MILLION years did I think we would 1) get another dog or 2) get kittens but 3) LET ALONE GET THEM IN THE SAME SUMMER! I know, madness!

Like I said, if you have any ideas for what you want to see on here, let me know! I am hoping to do a lot more around these parts and excited for whats to come! Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading.


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